free call with just a missed call

Hello Readers, welcome back to achusofthack
Tricks. Here we are back with
another free zone trick through
which you can call anywhere in India
for two minutes. Actually, this is not
a trick, its a official offer from WHEEL
company which is providing free call
for two minutes from one number.
You do not have to install any third
party software or applications. You
just have to give miss call to one toll
free number and follow some
instructions to call.
Note : You can only call for two
minutes by using one number and
after 15 days you can again use same
number for free call purpose.
Limitation of this trick is totally
based upon how many numbers you
have. If you have 10 mobile numbers
then you can call 20 minutes for
free. Trick is totally genuine and
voice clarity is also superb. I must
say, this trick is best for urgent
calling purpose.
Steps To Follow :
1. Give a miss call to 180020802080
[ Toll Free Number ].
2. After few seconds, you will get call
from Wheel company.
3. Now listen instructions carefully
and speak your friends number and
4. Finally after few seconds, your
friend and you will be connected.
Hope you loved this trick for free
calling. Feel free to comment below
for any type of queries.


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