How to play video games in android devices.

● Android version should be 2.x or more.
● Game
◆ Download Game (link is given at the end of the post).
◆ Extract it in your internal memory in a new folder called nes.
◆ You will find nsedroid by cs.apk file in the extracted file, install it in your device.
◆ Now open it, click the left selection key and then click on settings icon.
◆ Click on Other settings.
◆Change Orientation to landscape.
◆Check(mark) Full Screen Mode.
◆ Then Press back button once and gotoAudio and Video Settings.
◆ Now scroll down to video settings and change scaling mode to stretched.
◆ Also change Aspect ratio to16:9
◆ Now scroll down to Frame skip settings and change max frame skips to 0.
◆ Press back button again and then go to Input settings.
◆Check (mark)Virtual Keyboard option.
◆ AlsoCheck (mark)Use Trackball as D-padoption.
◆ Then click on virtual keyboard settings.
◆ Scroll down and changecontrol size to medium.{It depends upon your phone I have chosen medium option for samsung galaxy star pro, If your screen resolution is bigger you can choose large and if its smaller choose small}
◆ Scroll down again and click on hide controls.
◆Uncheck (unmark)Disable A/B turbo option.
◆ Press back again. And click onD-pad buttons setting option, change it to bottom bottom.
◆ Change Layout Margin to 0.
◆ Press back button 3 times, Now you’re on the main screen of your emulator.
◆ Browse to Sdcard then to nes folder (where your games are located).
◆ Click on the nes file of that game which want to run.ENJOY VIDEO GAMES IN ANDROID Download Game Package From Here :-


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