how to download youtube videos using opera mini

Opera Mini is a Web Browser which has
gone too much popular these days.
But while downloading videos from YouTube it
shows can’t download.
Well let’s see the trick to download the videos.

1)Go to the YouTube website. Here
is the link.( or
2)Select the desired video you
want to download from the
list. Note that not to click
on watch video.
3)Go to the address bar of the
browser where you type the URL.
4)You will see the address bar starting
with (m.)
5)Remove the (m. ) and type (ss)
(without dot).
for example
the original link of a video is (
change this link like this-(
6)You will notice that a new
page will open where you can
download your video.
7)Select your desired format and
then click on the download
8)Opera Mini will ask now for a
path to download your file.
Select the download path and download
the video!
for any query related to this trick plz comment below…


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