Facebook tricks

1)Login to your Facebook account using a Temporary password:-
If you feel unsafe entering your Facebook password in public places like library or cafes etc.
you can request a temporary password to login to your facebook account,
This password can be used one time only and will remain valid for 20 Minutes,
To request this you need to send ansms from the number linked to your facebook profile,
upon sending this,you will get an 8 digit ‘OTP’ which can be used for logging in to your profile,
send the sms as follows,
type otp and send it to 51555 or 9232232665.
example:-otp to 515552)

2)Show your Pride with Rainbow filter on Facebook profile Pic:-
Rainbows are all over social media,After supreme court’s rulefor marriage equality in 50 states,you can also show your pride too with a Rainbow effect in your profile pic,To do this loginto your facebook profile and goto the landing page,apply the picture and done.

3)Delete all the Messages at once:-Delete all your facebook messages at once,no need to select each and every message manually and then delete them,
You can delete all your facebook messages at once using a chrome extension,
just install this extension and login to your facebook account,open up your inbox,and click on the extension icon from top right,Click confirm and get all your chat history cleared at once

4)Delete all the timeline updates:-Clean up all your timeline updates from facebook,using this chrome extension,to use it just install it from the link shown above,after installing up the extension,goto your profile and click Activity log,then click on the extension icon from the top right,click launch and the extension will initiate the deletion process.

5)Sending a blank message,comment,status:-
Give your friends Blank comments,Send empty messages or update blank status,
to do this just goto the message/comment or status box and
paste this send/update @[0:] and done,
paste this as exact ,no need for any space or text.
(This will work only with facebook mobile site m.facebook.com)

6)Disable comments on facebook pages:-
Their is no official method to disable all the comments on your facebook page But you can do this using a simple trick,
Just goto facebook page > settings ,
then in general click on Page moderation,
and paste the following keywords under the moderation box,
now all the comments containing those keyword will get hidden from the page and will only be visible to commenter and his friends.
7)[Coming soon]Convert Facebook page into a website:-
Pager a project under construction will let us converting facebook pages into a full fledged website
this will help us in creating fully functional websites using our facebook pages,with the choice from a numerous number of themes,no coding needed and also the website can be managed using facebook.
Hope you will enjoy all the awesome tricks and tips listed above and make more out of your facebook profile,more tricks will be added up in this section in upcoming days.


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