Get 50% More Data | Airtel Offer 2015

How to Get 50% More Data| Airtel Offer 20151.

1.Initiate a call to 55555 from your Airtel network.
2.After a few seconds you will get a SMSof activation as the call ends up automatically.
3.Absolute Zero Cost activation service
Your 50% Data refund will be initiated by the morning 06:00 AM each day out of your total Data used over the offer period.
Terms and Conditions:-
*.This Night Cashback offer is valid for all Airtel Prepaid subscribers (User) in India who have activated and have a valid data pack.
*.To avail the offer, Users will require to opt in throughone of the following methods:
a missed call to 55555 (FREE); through toll-free SMS [NIGHT to 121];
visit (Standard Data Charges Apply);
Download the MyAirtel App (Standard Data Charges Apply) to activate the same.
Upon successfully opting in by any of the above methods, the user will receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel.
*.Post successful opt in, for any data of the activated datapack consumed by the User through his/her mobile phone between 00:00hours to 06:00 hours, 50% of the data consumed between this period will be credited back to the MSISDN of the User (2G or 3G or 4G from a data pack).
*.The eligible (Night) usage will be the usage between 0000Hours to 0600hours.
*.The data cashback will be received after the first charging session/usagepost 0600 hours every day.
*.The user will receive an SMS every morning (post 06:00 hours) with the amount of data cashbackthat is being credited to the user’s account.
*.The data received as cashback will have the same validity as the user’s active data pack.
*.Consent given for Night Cashback is valid for the next 28 days.
*.For availing the offer post 28 days, the user will have to opt-in to the offer again. Such further consent provided will extend the offer by 28 days from the day of consent.
*.The cashback will be 2G if data is consumed from a 2G pack, 3G/4G if data is consumed from 3G/4G pack.
*.Night Store Daily Data Packs (validityof 1 night) andpay-per-usage-data (charges applicable when no data pack is active) are not eligible for thecashback offer. Similarly, any free data received (suchas bundled offers with new handsets,etc) or servicespecific data packs (such asFacebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wynk,etc) are not eligible for theNight Cashback offer.
*.In case of Unlimited 2G/3G packs, the cashback will be applicable only on the Data Credited as part of the pack, and not the usage on throttled speeds. (eg. On a Rs 655 recharge that gives 3GB UL usage, the cashback will be applicable only on the 3GB and not on the usage post that’)*.In data packs where the data is partly regular data and partly night data, thedata cashbackfor the night data portion of the data pack being used will be dependent on the existing base pack of the user.
If that is 3G/4G, the user will get 3G/4G data cashback. Elsethe data cashback will be 2G.
*.During the validity periodof 28 days, theuser will not be able to opt out of the Night Cashback offer once he/she opts in.
The user will be automatically opted out after the 28 day validity period is over.
*.The User acknowledges that the Night Cashback is a gratuitous offer being extended by Airtel and Airtel will accordingly beentitled to withdraw the offer at any time.
If the offer is withdrawn during the validity period of an activated offer, the user will be informed by SMS.


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