PLay chess with your friend on Facebook

Start a Chess game with your friend while chatting on facebook


Today we are presenting a simple trick ,using which you can start a game with your friend,while chatting with him/her on facebook,
to do this just follow the steps below,
you need to play this game via various commands,
here are the instructions to begin this.
Steps to start the game:-
In order to start the chess game with your friend on facebook,
just head to facebook and start chat with any of your friends,while chatting ,
type a message- @fbchess play and send it to your friend,
once you send this message ,the


will start up,


you need to play this game using various commands,
in order to get the command just type @fbchess help and send it,
you will get a list of various commands.
Now while chatting with your friend
just type this command and start playing with your friend,test your brain challenging your friends,you can play this game only while actively chatting with your friend on facebook.


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