HTTP Injector VPN

HTTP Injector VPN Trick For Airtel
This vpn is a quite exciting vpn as by using this vpn there are less chances of getting blocked by service provider.
This VPN can only run WhatsApp for free and also you won’t be able to download anything using this VPN via WhatsApp or any other app.

1. Airtel Unblocked Sim
2. Android Version 2.3+
4. And HTTPInjector.apk

1. First of all download HTTP INJECTOR VPN from here:
2. Now install it in your device and then open it.

3. Click on the button which is at top right corner of HTTP INJECTOR VPN,

Choose import config option.
4. Now locate your configuration files and click on it.

5. Now wait until the configuration files gets loaded in the vpn.


6. Now click on Start button.

7. It will display a dialog like this,check(mark)I trust this application and click on Ok button.

8. Wait until it gets connected.


9. When the VPN gets connected, minimize it and wait for 2-3 minutes until it starts receiving packets.
10. Now Open your WhatsApp and enjoy free messaging on Airtel without getting blocked.


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