Dual Whatsapp trick via gb Whatsapp

1) You can hide two ticks.
2) You can hide blue ticks.
3) You can hide online status.
4) You can hide message typing status.
5) You can install custom themes in it.
7) You can modify main screen according to your will.
8) You can also modify chatscreen.
9) You can change launcher icon.10) You can change notify icon And many many more features.


1) Android Device.
2)Special GB Whatsapp
3) Original WhatsApp.
4) Two phone numbers.

1) First of all download gb Whatsapp
2)Now open your original whatsapp and take the backup of your conversation by going to options > settings > chats and calls.
3) After that uninstall your original WhatsApp (but keep the backup Apk of your original WhatsApp).
4) Now install gb WhatsApp which you downloaded in step 1.
5) Open it and put your number in it, wait until it verifies your number.
6) After verification of your number click on continue button and enjoy.



7) Now install your original WhatsApp and put your second number in it and wait until it gets verified.
8) After verification , click on continue button and enjoy.


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