Airtel Exclusive Netify vpn trick

hi guys,
today we are sharing a new vpn trick for airtel free internet.
i think most of you now familiar with vpn tricks. The main advantages of vpn tricks are,by vpn trick you can use free internet as same as normal paid internet. Here I am sharing airtel new free 3g internet vpn trick using Netify VPN app.

Netify VPN app is an android apk application. Netify is same as psiphon handler. but netify is more advanced than psiphon handler.

How to setup free internet on airtel using netify app March 2016
1.First you need to download Netify VPN handler android app
2. Install and open netify vpn app
3. Now do below changes in netify vpn handler menu-
Give Tick on Remove Port;
Enable Proxy Type: Real Host;
Enter Proxy server as –

4. Now save settings and
Click on contine and
Tick-i trust this application
And then
connect on netify vpn app
5. wait for successful connection. enjoy free internet with netify vpn app on airtel sim.

This trick is working in many states. try in your state, and share the result in below comment section. happy to see your valuable comments.


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