Hammer vpn march 16 trick

Note: Please activate airtel internet setting.
1)download hammer vpn from here

2) Install it In your device.
3) Open it and select any of the free server from server list.
4) Write Rport as 443 and Lport as 0.
5) Change Protocol to TCP.
6) Click on advanced settings button.

7)Check (mark)use proxy for Tcp connection.
8) Enter Proxy Host: or it with port 80) or or or or or or or
For example:




9) Enter Proxy Port: 3128 or 80
10) Enter Header as host:get.wynk.in

11) Click on save button

press connect button ,
then a you’ll see a popup
check(mark)I trust this application.
12) Wait For A Few Seconds Until it gets connected.


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