Reliance free 5OO MB data

Get Free 500Mb Internet Data On reliance network by installing reliance care

Hi guys, there is a good chance to get 500mb free 2g/3g data for reliance network users. Reliance now offering 500 MB free 2g/3g internet data free for downloading and installing their Reliance Instacare app on your smartphone.
Now, as a promotion of their reliance Instacare app, reliance network ltd giving free 500mb internet data for installing reliance Instacare app.

How to get Free internet data on reliance sim by downloading an app [ reliance Instacare]
1. Download the app on your smartphone

Download Reliance Instacare :android
Download Reliance Instacare :iOS
Download Reliance Instacare :windows
2.Now Install reliance Instacare and open the app
3. complete your one-time registration procedure
4. Once you completed the signup process successfully, you will get 500Mb free internet data on your reliance sim within 2 days.
Note – Don’t remove the reliance Instacare app until you will be credited with 500mb free 2g/3g data

** Offer is only applicable for new users
** The free internet data offeris only for first-time installations
** repeated installations will not give extra data

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the article.
hope your reliance sim credited with 500 Mb 2g/3g internet data for free. please share this information with your friends and help them to get free internet data. Also keep visiting our blog for more network and loot trick.


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