Tars ur assistant on whatsapp

Meet Tars Your Personal assistant on What’sapp
Tars is a bot based on partial artificial intelligence that operates with the aid of local experts,
before this Hike messenger has also introduced a personal assistant through which the users could gain a lot of knowledge about movies,Wikipedia,dictionary and jokes,
But tars is different because it has real humans answering your questions,
making its scope much more wider.
Tars services are completely free of cost,
but in case you are using any service like Booking train tickets,tars will take care of everything,


How to use:-
To begin using the TARS services just save this number 9900876785 in your Phone’s contact and open it up in What’s app,
send HELLO and get started,put up your queries and get up the results accordingly,
it will ask you for your name as well as email address before it can begin serving you,
this will be required only for one time,for next tars will keep all your details intact,
the services are offered 7 Days a week from 10:00 AM-10:00 PM,
before you can start you must register your number at tars website and then proceed.
As of now all the services offered by tars are free,the service may be chargeable in future,or if it remains free some ads or commission for orders may come in role,
till then just enjoy and try out all the services.


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