Airtel sim Unlbocking methods

Hi friends, a very happy news for airtel blocked users.
I know that many Achusofthack users are get blocked from airtel by using free network tricks. And many of Achusofthack users asked me to post airtel sim unblocking methods.
yes , friends i got anew trick / method to unblock airtel sim completely.
So airtel sim blocked users just follow below simple steps and unblock your sim quick.
Do it fast. It is now working 100% successfully. Unblock your airtel sim continue enjoying airtel services and free internet tricks. 😉

Unblock airtel sim easily
trick no.1
1. First send message ” STOP” to 1925 from your airtel sim
2. Then take a 3g internet loan of 60mb by dialing the ussd code *567*10#
3. You are done… your airtel sim will be unblocked within 48 hours

Note – if it not works, try below trick

trick no.2
1.keep a minimum balance of rs 2 in your airtel sim
2. Now goto from your default phone browser
3. Activate the youtube video trail pack of 100 mb [ first try skipping this step,

if not works then do this step:)

4. Now need to goto Wynk Music and click on free download when your downloads reach 50-60% cancel it
5. Now goto wynk movies and click free download.
same as above step, when the download reaches 50-60% disconnect it
6. Yeah. You are successfully unblocked yourairtel sim.
trick no.3

This trick working in many states

1.You need a minimum balance of Rs 10 in your sim
2. Now go to
3. Then click on Fun unlimited &; Video store one time
4. now select data packs in navigation side
5. Then activate Rs 5, 2g data pack. [actually, it will not activate]6. Don’t close browser. continue browsing until your balance becomes Rs 0.
7.Now after becoming your balance zero, just open any other free homepage
8. That’s all. you have successfully unblocked your sim.
trick No.4
1. Take RS 10 loan by dialing*567*10#
2. Then dial *121# and select data services and goto; airtelzone &gt Video pack
3. now you will receive a message with a link
4. Then try to open the link atleast 5 times
5. Now browse any airtel freesites, [ do until your balance become zero]
6. switch off your phone and wait 24 hours, your sim will be unblocked soon.
trick No.5
1. First dial*141*10#and activate 50 MB data loan with validity 2 days
2. Now use some data [ don’t use completely. use only some Mb of data]
3. Then remove your airtel sim from phone on next day
4. Now after 24 hours again insert your airtel sim on phone5. Now send a message ‘MO’ to 543216. You are done.
Now goto and check that you are unblocked or not!

Do all the steps carefully and you will be unblocked successfully. So you surf all webpages and all services.
Also enjoy free internet with free airtel internet tricks. keep visiting @ Achusofthack for more network tricks and loot tricks.
Hope you enjoyed reading the post, if you like this article then please share it on social networking sites and help us.


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