Airtel Psiphon trick for May 2O16

◆ Unblocked Airtel Sim.
*psiphon Vpn
◆Android Device- Android Version 4.0 or for lower android version devices it need root access i.e., your device must be rooted to use this vpn on those devices which have android version lower then 4.0 .
◆Airtel Internet Settings.
Note:- Download limit is 150mb per day.
download psiphon VPN

● Now Open Psiphon Vpn
Trick 1:-
● Scroll down and mark (check) remove port.
● Change Proxy type to Dual Real Host.
● Now enter Proxy Server as  and click on save.

● It will display a popup with some buttons,
just click on tunnel whole device  button.

● After that it will display another popup, just check (mark) i trust this application and click on Ok button.

● Goto Options tab and choose Select Region as Netherlands or best performance.
*you can see process of connecting in logs tab.
● Now goto stats tab, it will start connecting automatically.

● After receiving few kbs of data it will get connected.

1)in handler menu change proxy type-dual real host.
2)change proxy
3)click on save
4)wait until it gets connected.


Trick 3:-
1)In handler menu change
proxy type to real host and
Proxy server as
2) click on save.


These above three are main tricks,but if it doesn’t work for you.
Then check below screenshots.:




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