Jio Happy New Year Offer: Unlimited 4G for 3 Hours [Hidden Offer]


Hi friend, today we are going to discuss a hidden thing in Jio Happy New Year offer. Jio offering unlimited 4G data for 3 Hours every day over the 1 GB daily quota. Yeah, it is true and completely official. This is not a trick, this is providing Jio officially. The thing is that no one is aware of it or not heard about this. That’s why we call this as Jio happy New Year hidden offer / hidden terms and conditions.

I hope you guys already heard about Jio reached more than 50 Million users in India. Yeah/ it is not easy to get this much 4G users within the short term. But this is hell true.
And from January 31st, 2017 Jio started happy new year offer. All jio users are converted to Happy New year offer. This Happy New Year offer is valid up to 31st March.
In this article, we are checking about Jio Happy New year Offer hidden terms and conditions or we can call this as jio hidden offer. jio unlimited 4g data for 3 hours.

Jio Happy New Year Offer: Things you may already know



Jio Happy New Year Offer: Hidden Things revealed


Jio offering unlimited 4G data for 3 hours. I aam sure that you guys got amazed after hearing this. Yeah me too shocked, since the tech world was unaware of this offer from Jio.
This news will be useful for users who are looking for bypass jio 1GB limit or who thinks what will do after jio 1GB daily quota. Moreover it will be very useful for users who downloads heavy files, like movies, softwares etc.

Time and Details: Reliance Jio 3 Hours unlimited 4G data Hidden Offer

As i said in this article there is a specific time for this unlimited usage.


That is all Jio users can use unlimited 4G data with high-speed in between 2AM to 5AM. The data used in this 3 hours will not be counted in your daily 1GB quota.

Things you need to notice before using unlimited 3 hours 4g data in Jio

  • Turn Off and On your mobile data before start consuming 3 Hours unlimited data. That is, start downloads after 2 AM and stop before 5 AM.
  • This is an official offer from Jio, and totally safe.

This is a great offer from Jio and i am sue that this will be very useful for many heavy data users.I think you guys liked this jio hidden offer ‘ 3 Hours Unlimited 4G data offer’. Don’t Forget to share this awesome news with your friends.


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