Google Search Tips/Tricks


Google is the most widely used search engine,You just need to input your query and google provides a huge set of result from its data base,click ‘i am feeling lucky’ to land to the first result directly,or browse from among the list of results,Google is now not only limited to a search engine,Google let’s users perform various other tasks,like playing games,getting the temperature,time of any place ,as well as many others ,we are listing some of functionalities below,you can book mark this page and retrieve the terms when ever you need then,this trick is based on various keywords reserved at google which lets the users perform various tasks.

1)City/Country time:-Get time of any city or country using google search ,Using this feature you can use google as a world clock,that shows time of any country,to view the time of any country ,just type the query as “Country time” and hit search,the search will show up the current time and date of the respective country,you can type and country or city name,just replace the country above to the name of county and type time with a space example:- India time.

2)City/Country Temperature:-Use google to get the temperature of any city,To get the temperature just type the query as city name space temperature as shown below “City temperature” once you hit the search,google will show up the current temperature for that city,you can also view the Wind and Precipitation,the results are powered by ‘’ .

3)Defining a word:-Define a word using google search,use Google as a dictionary,just head to google and type the query as “Define term” replace the term with the word you want to extract the meaning,the search results will define the word directly ,you can use this from both mobile and pc,in addition to meaning ,it also shows the pronunciation,synonyms,sentences etc,below we are showing an example by defining a term ‘Abstract’.

4)Playing Pac man game:-Play Pacman game on google ,Pacman is one of the oldest game with a simple concept ,you need to collect the items in the game using the ‘Arrow keys’ move your character in various directions,avoid obstacles,and cross various levels,To start the Pacman game in google,just type the Search query as “Google pacman” and hit search,the result will show up the pacman game on the top ,hit ‘Click to play’,once the game starts use the arrow keys on Keyboard to control your player on screen.

5)Playing Atari Breakout:-Play Atari breakout game in google ,just head to google images and search for ‘Atari Breakout‘ the result will show up some images initially,in in few seconds the screen will show up the game click with mouse and the game will start,let the ball hit and return,you have to protect the ball from touching the ground,use mouse to move your player.

6)Flipping a coin:-Flip a coin and perform the toss using google ,just head to google search and type “Flip a coin” and hit search,you will see ‘Flipping…..’ and the result will come up on your screen in few seconds,click on the ‘Flip it’ button again to flip the coin again,it will show ‘Head’ or ‘Tail’ on the left and the coin with the respective image on the right.

7)Rolling a Dice:-Roll a Dice using google,When you roll the dice using google,you will get one out of six outputs,as you get with a dice,to perform a dice roll goto Google and type “Roll a dice” ,hit search and the result will come up,you can Re-Roll the Dice by clicking on the Roll it button again,the number will be shown on left,and the dice on the right along with the same number of dots.

8)Using the Calculator:-Use google as a calculator,no need to buy a calculator as far as you have access to google ,google can act as your own calculator ,to use google as a calculator,just type the calculation on google search like “2*10+5“,and hit search,the results will show up the result along with a calculator,use the calculator shown on the screen to perform the calculations.

9)Do a barrel roll:-Goto Google search and type “Do a barrel roll” hit search and you will see the screen rotating 360 degrees,once you submit this query,the result page will do a barrel roll,after one round the page will stop ,this is just for fun this trick will not offer any infomatic stuff,use it to view a different angle of google.

10)ASKEW:-Askew search is just another fun trick,for the users,using this trick users just need to type in google search “ASKEW” and submit the query,for search once you get the results on the screen ,it will tilt up your screen,this trick will not offer any informative stuffs its just for a bit change you can try this out.

11)Set a Stopwatch,Count down timer:-Use google as a stopwatch or countdown timer,To start just head to google search and type “Set a timer” hit search and you will see various options,Their will be two tabs on the top ‘Timer’ and ‘Stopwatch’ click on stop watch and hit start to start it,To run the countdown timer for specific time search as follows “Set a timer for 10 minutes” click search and start the timer.

12)Zerg Rush:-Play zerg rush game on google,This amazing search key word will start the game on google,To start Just head to google search and type the query as “Zerg Rush” you will see some results initially,let the results page load up completely in few seconds,you will begin to see circles ,which will erase the results shown one by one,at last you will get your score on the basis of your performance.

13Getting Quotations:-You can use google to get the latest quotes from various topics,once you search this google will show up a quote,click on the try again button to get the next quote,each to will be displayed one by one,To start just head to google and in search type “Give me a love quote” ,click google search and the quote will be shown.

14)Perform Comparison:-Easily perform comparison using google search just type in google search the name of two comparatives like “French fries vs Pizza” hit search and google will show up comparison among both the items,on the basis of various factors like for the above example it will show Calories,Fat,Proteins,Vitamin,Iron etc.

15)Convert:-Convert numbers from one unit to another ,using google search,to perform conversions using google search just head to google and input the conversion like “12 cm in inch” or “1$ in Rs“,type these queries and hit google search once you hit search google will perform the conversion and show you the result of the conversion,type you query in above format or us the drop down from google search result.

16)Pronounce a Number:-Ask google to spell a number,this tip will be specially useful when you want to pronounce a long number,to do it just head to google and in search type number=english, for example type in search “42456=english“,Upon submitting this search you will get the pronunciation of that number,use this trick to type any number,containing any number of digits and get the result.

17)Blink html:-This is another tip just for fun,using this google will blink the text in the search results,To start goto Google search and type “blink html” and hit google search,their will be various results,the text Blink html will blink among the results,the text will keep on blinking,even after you turn to further pages.

18)Google in 1998:-If your want to see how google looked few years back,this simple trick will help you in refreshing the Google’s look,if you have used ‘google’ few years back,then you will find this design similar to the one you have used few years back,to get the look just head to google and in search type “Google in 1998” submit the query and you will have a completely old look.

19)Animal sound:-You can play voices of various animals using google ,without the need for any app ,just search at google “Animal sounds” it will show up the name of various animals,you need to click on the sound button besides an animal to listen to the voice of that animal,the name of voice besides each animal is also mentioned.

20)Getting facts:-Get facts from google enhance your knowledge you can utilize your free time for Getting various facts from google ,once you search for this google lists out various facts in a Random order,these facts can prove you very useful for various competitive exams,

So next time when you are Bored at School,office or work,Just google Fun fact or I’m Feeling Curious

Bonus:-YoutubeSearch for any of these queries at Youtube desktop site one by one and enjoy the effect.

  1. do the harlem shake
  2. Use the force, Luke

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