HARD RESET ANY MOBIE EASILY-Android,iOS,Windows and others

Hard reset is an act of formatting your mobile phone completely ,this removes all the data from your phone making it just like a new phone as at the time of purchase,you can hard reset your mobile phone if you find it lagging or hanging and also just to enhance the speed and performance,The Hard reset activity is performed differently for different mobile phones ,using various key combination ,which differs as per different mobiles,Today we are going to share a website that will simplify the hard reset procedure for a mobile phone.

Hard reset website offers a huge collection of mobile phones along with the steps to reset it,users just need to input the mobile name,the site shows various available options like Hard reset ,soft reset,recovery mode,code and so on ,it also offers a video tutorial to help us understand the process better.

How to hard reset a mobile phone:-

  • To Begin the procedure ,just visit this website –Hardreset.info,
  • Once you visit the site,input your phone name and model in the search box ,ex-Samsung J7,Lenovo vibe k5 etc.
  • You will have a list of ‘Sub-models’ under your query,select a mobile and click on it,
  • Get a step by step procedure procedure for the reset.

Now when you have all the steps,follow them accordingly and perform hard reset on your mobile device,the hard rest procedure will delete the entire phone data as well as remove the phone lock,so it gets necessary for you to backup all you important data like contacts,image and other data before performing a hard reset.


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